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Waterfront Festival tickets

Waterfront Festival Tickets

Waterfront Festival 2019 Canal House, Nottingham
Saturday 13th July 2019
Waterfront Festival Fan Reviews (4) 4.8
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"Fantastic festival showcasing some awesome local talent!"
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Waterfront Festival 2018, Canal House, Nottingham - 18th August 2018

As always had so much fun at this festival. Great organizing, venue, staff and music! All for various charities. Good job! :)

Posted by Sam on 19/08/2018

"Great day of music"
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Waterfront Festival 2017, Canal House, Nottingham - 8th July 2017

Go to this every year and it's always good. Lovely pub with plenty of room, great beers and great atmosphere. Always a good mix of bands of different genres so plenty for everyone to enjoy.

Posted by Chris L on 10/07/2017

"Bone Cult"
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Waterfront Festival 2017, Canal House, Nottingham - 8th July 2017

Bone cult were really entertaining and something different but to be fair all the bands I saw were great and it was a brilliant day/night as always.

Gigantic have always been spot on when it comes to customer service and delivery .
Would 100% recommend 💯

Posted by Emma Ford on 10/07/2017

"Hoodtown proves yet again it has amp stacks of talent!"
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Waterfront Festival 2017, Canal House, Nottingham - 8th July 2017

An absolute belter of an all-day showcase of (mostly) local bands with increasing returns on 'friendly' moshing as the day wore on, particularly upstairs for the Leftlion stage!
The Seas of Mirth unsurprisingly delivered the booty with a hyper-rave crab mascot this time around. Being on the winning tug-o-war team without anyone being flung into the canal (only just) added to the frenzied hullabaloo. Ska-tastic Gigantic stage headliners Unknown Era (which seem to feature at least half of The Maze staff payroll!), the hilarious & funky Sheep Soup sketches, The demonic Eviltones, the frankly psychotic X-Rays and Hull's glam vixens Chambers (dressed as a Red Riding Hood with which any Bear defo wouldn't mess) also turned in storming sets where just about everyone dropped their guard and got down to the bad grooves before the bands were done.
Bring on next year and thanks to all staff/crew!

Posted by Pissbaron on 10/07/2017

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