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Neon Waltz Tickets

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Neon Waltz, YES Basement, Manchester - 24th March 2019

Absolutely wonderful performance by Scotland's top band. Neon Waltz totally owned the stage and audience playing a set that included a superb cover of Black boys on mopeds together with their latest single and what are now well established Waltz standards. It was a fantastic night!

Posted by MecThurso on 04/04/2019

“Scotland’s coolest new gang” (NME) are Jordan Shearer (Vocals), Darren Coghill (Drums), Kevin Swanson (Guitar), Jamie Swanson (Guitar), Calvin Wilson (Bass) and Liam Whittles (Keyboards).

Without the songs, what becomes of a band? It’s the start and end point for Neon Waltz, gathering influences from rain-soaked indie to Californian sunshine-flecked psychedelia amidst picturesque isolation, before converting the inspiration they have found into breathlessly crystalline, chiming, guitar-forward pop. Expansive choruses accompanied by fairground keyboards ring from a remote, semi-derelict house in a place where nobody will ever find them, but their ambition and gift for melody is a secret that even the windswept, castle-strewn highlands couldn’t keep.